Shorinjiryu Kenshin Karatedo follows the teachings of the Hisataka Family(Kudaka in Okinawa)is above everything else, dedicated and commited to the study in empty hand combat and self defense.
Exclusive instruction provided by Master / Shihan Manny Hawthorne, 7th Dan, MA, BA- Phys. Ed. Children and Adult classes.

"I have been a London elementary school teacher for 25 years and in 2001 I was honoured to receive a Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence.
I have never met a more competent or patient teacher than Manny Hawthorne and I have thoroughly enjoyed my karate sessions".
Dale Hubert, M.Ed.

On the survey, the question was….”What did you gain from taking this program?”

Responses: Motor skills, self confidence, karate skills, Friends, social, confidence, Discipline

Social interaction, Pleasure seeing my child improve in exercise, physical ability and social skills.

Children exercise, focus on respect, and learn defence skills

My son is learning discipline and respect as well as a new sport

How to show respect, fitness, self esteem. Ways to fight off an attacker, Knowledge, respect, Physical fitness Question:  Additional Comments: Quite satisfied,

My son loves this program

Very pleased, Sensai is GREAT

Sensai is doing a great job.

Manny Hawthorne ’s class is outstanding

Many is very good with children

 All participants indicated that the program met their expectations, and are very satisfied with improved skill level and improved fitness level.

I am sure if you would like to use these comments in your advertising it would be okay. 

 Thank you,
Carol Carnegie

Manager  Sports & Recreation, Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre

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