The style as founded by Kaiso Kori Hisataka (1907-1988).

Shorinjiryu Karate includes techniques from many sources, including those from China, Japan, and Okinawa. Influences include the northern Chinese styles, particularly Baji Quan (Hakkyoku Ken in Japanese) and Shaolin Long Fist (Shorinji ryu in Japanese).

  • Striking elements include the vertical fist for punching and kicking with the heel of the foot for increased power.
  • Also for striking, calling upon the principals of kinetics and centrifugal force, emphasis is placed on the extended - full rotation of the hips on execution
  •  With the stressed philosophy opposed to blocking, more emphasis is placed on footwork and angular movement (sankaku ashi) for evasion and defense.
  • Grappling and wrestling techniques are drawn from Tegumi, Tuidi (systems of traps, joint locks, and pressure point strikes) striking, Jujutsu, Judo, and Aikijutsu.
  • Weapons Training includes the long staff (Bo) three quarter staff (Jo) Bokken (sword) Si├Ęcle (Sai) and knife (Tanto).
  • Also unique to the style is foot stamping (Fumikomi Ashi) and weight dropping (otoshi mi) used for both power generation and fulcrum leveraging for throwing techniques.

Emanuel (Manny) Hawthorne

 Master Instructor - Shihan, Kenshi

Telephone: (519) 936-2921 cell (519) 619-4301 



Shorinjiryu Karatedo International Alumni


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