Please allow me this opportunity of introducing myself and my proposal for an alternative learning experience for children and young adults. As a karate-do instructor with over thirty years of successful teaching experience, I want to help "KIDS AT RISK!" To help those Kids in their formative years, kids with discipline problems, kids on the edge, kids with real potential, Kids at Risk?  Yes, along with a karate-do syllabus, each child & young adult would have to write their own special contract. A contract of self-made rules and expectations that they will be expected to follow. As well, each student will be asked to perform various community work(s) while continually striving and expressing a positive attitude. Think of it as a boot camp with a difference! "Kids at Risk" need our help, they need our support, they need leadership that I can and want to provide! In cooperation with local businesses, the community, and social services, I am expanding my karate-do curriculum that has already proven results in helping kids here in London Ontario to get their lives turned around. The “Kids @ Risk” program will provide a training & developmental environment centered on Karate-do as being the main focus. Offering instruction and guidance to children & young adults who are, because of circumstances, headed down a path of a pre-destined negative lifestyle. Karate-Do, as I believe you will agree, is well suited for facilitating this intended means-to-an-end (so to speak) by promoting a variety of positive life-skills and awakening the sense of discipline in their lives.

The “Kids@Risk” program, of which I am continually developing, follows the philosophy and / or morals of the Broken Window parable / theory, “that what is seen, and that which is unseen.” It follows that to foresee a positive outcome, we must provide, promote, teach, and mentor positive lifstyles.

To this end, I would very much like to ask for your support and assistance in promoting this endeavor for providing an alternative learning environment for the children & young adult leaders of tomorrow. 

For additional information and to learn how you can help promote this Kids@Risk, lifestyle learning experience, please call and / or write at your earliest convenience.  

Thank you,

Manny Hawthorne – Director & Master Instructor

Telephone: (519) 936-2921 cell (519) 619-4301 / E-mail:



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