We are very fortunate to have Sensei Manny Hawthorne offer his classes free of charge to our CF members and their children 14 years or older.

Classes run year round Saturday mornings at the Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre from 0800-0900 hrs.

Participating members are required to complete an application waiver.


Who Can Participate? As stated above, the class is open to all CF members and their children 14 years of age or older. Those wishing to participate should note the following points:  

If partaking during work hours, RegF and Cl B members will require permission from their Chain of Command to attend.

Class A personnel accept all liability as their own.


What to Wear: For start-up, loose clothing is all that is required, however with increased interest, a uniform (gi) may be purchased at a later date. The recommended uniform (gi) is the thicker – stronger Judo gi, as the training and study includes striking, throwing, wrestling, and a variety of self defense techniques and applications.

Curriculum: Shorinjiryu Kenshin Karatedo includes techniques from many sources, including those from China, Japan, and Okinawa. Influences include the northern Chinese styles, particularly Baji Quan (Hakkyoku Ken in Japanese) and Shaolin Long Fist (Shorinji ryu in Japanese). Karate elements include the vertical fist for punching and for kicking using the heel of the foot for increased power and skeletal alignments. Also for striking, calling upon the principals of kinetics and centrifugal force, emphasis is placed on the extended - full rotation of the hips on execution, with the stressed philosophy opposed to blocking, more emphasis is placed on footwork and angular movement (sankaku ashi) for evasion and defense.

Grappling and wrestling techniques are drawn from Tegumi, Tuidi (systems of traps, joint locks, and pressure point strikes) as well as Jujutsu, Judo, and Aikijutsu Kihon.

Also unique to the study is foot stamping on execution of techniques (Fumikomi Ashi) and weight dropping (otoshi mi) used for both power generation and fulcrum leveraging for throwing techniques.

How to Register: To register and for more information please contact Hawthorne.Karatedo@rogers.com ph: (519)936-2921 or drop by the club @ Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre.

  It should be noted that this service is being offered by the community group and is not organized by PSP/CFPFSS/DND. 

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